Audio Systems

Audio Systems

You want to ensure your participants, guests, workers or audience understand the messages or feel the experiences you're trying to convey. A successful audio-video installation relies on the complete harmony of sound and vision.

We partner with the worlds best known brands to deliver just that.


Audio Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing is rapidly changing the way people operate in today's connected world. Businesses looking to make their time and operations more efficient are investing in sophisticated conferencing systems that allow their teams to connect, share and collaborate across the globe.

Each space is unique, which is why AVXI specialise in designing a solution that is right for the room. We use high-end technology such as high resolution displays, LED displays and projection to work with the right speakers, sound processors, microphones and mixers to produce crystal clear audio and video for your participants.


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Multi-Zone Music Systems

AVXI design and install music and paging systems for many different environments including retail, leisure, hospitality and corporate. Typically these systems allow for multiple zones of music or other forms of audio content to be played in multiple areas at once, at different volume levels with easily accessible and simple controls for staff to use.

These music zones can also feature multi zone paging, pre-recorded messaging, microphone mixing and sound-masking.

Control of the sound can be from multiple locations, or one central point. These controls can also be locked down so that certain functions can only be operated by managers or certain staff

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Perfect Octave supply fully licensed streaming music solutions for business use

Case Study: Hollywood Bowl Watford - Intu Centre

AVXI were brought in to design and install a multi-zone audio visual system for the new Hollywood Bowl in Watfords Intu Centre.

6 Zones of audio, one with full nightclub sound, microphone processing, and multi-source playback in area was catered for. All areas are controlled from a central control plate at reception.

In addition we supplied a digital signage system to the high foot traffic areas, allowing for prime sight advertising to be displayed in the right area at the right time.