IPTV Systems

IPTV Systems

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is a structured approach to delivering live TV and media content across an organisation.

AVXI have partnered with TriplePlay to deliver Digital Signage, IPTV, Video Streaming, Video On Demand, Lectures, Audio, Documentation and much more to Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, PC, Mac, Tablets, Mobile Phones and Thin Clients.



Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal is a perfect solution for Hotel TV deployments, residential TV systems, corporate boxes, care homes, hospital bedside TV systems, military and commercial vessels and mining complexes. The video portal is editable, allowing you to match its look and feel to your own brand and comes with several standard templates.

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Managed and Secure Broadcasting

A well executed Digital Signage and IPTV solution allows the delivery of advertising, communications, live streams and special events to all TV screens within a corporate network, allowing for communication of key messaging and entertainment in public areas.

Management of access to certain live or streamed TV sources is all possible from central or remote locations by designated users.

A cost effective and highly secure solution, the Tripleplay platform requires very little operational expertise and support to maintain; delivering high quality IPTV and Digital Signage content across an IP network without the need to be connected to the internet

Used to deliver secure internal communications in many cases but also for entertainment and relaxation in others, the Tripleplay platform is multi-functional, multi-facet and multi-purpose.

Case Study: The Old Admiralty Building - London

Old Admiralty Building

In a refurbishment spanning 23,000m², this glorious building which is the backdrop to the annual Trooping the Colour has been modernised and refreshed internally, providing office space for 1120 people.

AVXI were brought in to provide a site-wide IPTV system, reception video wall displays, conference rooms and individual meeting room connectivity.

A dedicated roof mount aerial was installed with a fibre link to the IPTV server. This site-managed server allows chosen live TV and other digital sources to be distributed to any network end point in the building.

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