Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

We have an ethos when it comes to AV design: Be Daring - Be Different. Why copy everyone else when you can break the mold? After all, this is what will get you recognised and convience customers they should come to you and stay with you.

We apply this method when it comes to our AV design and installations in fitness. Members these days expect more and you need to deliver to attract and maintain membership. That's where we can help.

Create the space

We work with clients to bring their space to life. Either in existing spaces or new fit-outs, we use technology to create an experience for your members that is memorable, exciting and of course, to budget.

Our experience tells us what works best in a space, so we're happy to advise and work with you to make sure your club is a success. Using feature and effects lighting, state of the art video systems and processing, high impact audio systems, acoustic treatment and clever automation, we create a space your members will want to return to time and time again.


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It starts with a touch

We typically design a space from the users experience and work backwards. This should include the members but also the team that will operate the equipment. No-one wants to be waiting around for an instructor to switch on projectors, start PCs, set lights and play music. We automate all of that to get your classes kicking off at the right time, every time.

Touch Panel

Professionalism as standard

We work with your teams to deliver the right solution at the right time

Technical Design

Project Management

Site Installation

Off Site Testing

Preventative Maintenance

On-Site & Remote Support

Case Study: Hero Training Club - Manchester

Hero Training Club in Manchester is the first health and wellbeing club of it's kind. Offering tailored group classes, well-being and personal training.

AVXI worked with Hero over the course of a year to deliver a spectacle AV system throughout the club, that not only gave the ultimate experience to club members sonically and visually, but was also extremely easy to use by the team.

A large scale video wall system was installed to their calming reception space, providing not only a warm welcome but a tranquil space to chill and wind-down after an intense workout.

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