Digital Signage

Digital Signage

AVXI design, supply and manage digital  signage solutions that allows remote control and broadcast of multimedia content in real time to a network of displays.

We know what works best

Using hand chosen and specific platforms to best suit your needs, budget and scale requirements. AVXI respond fully to the needs of small to large digital signage networks.

Signage Platform Capabilities

Online Media Store

Supports of all types of media content:
Videos, photos, PowerPoint, web pages,
RSS feeds, interactive content...


Playlist of media/slides to broadcast. With option to overlay banners/logos.

Multi Zone Layouts

Divide displays into multi zones which are associated with different media ( video, feeds, images etc)

Schedules and Validity

Define what plays where and when. Set valid  times for assets to play, so your morning announcement only shows in the morning, without having to create multiple campaigns


Create rules for content playback based on variables or any type of criteria. One master playlist can cater for your entire network

Local Content Management

Localised playlists allow restricted control for on site users to publish content should you wish to.

Battery powered A-Boards. Perfect for where normal displays can't go


There's a surprising amount of factors you need to consider when choosing a display for your signage needs.

  • Will it face direct sunlight?
  • Is the environment dusty or greasy?
  • Is there power available?
  • Does it need a separate media player?
  • Will it run from Wi-Fi?
  • Does it need to be tough to withstand knocks and impacts?
  • Will the content look correct on the resolution specified?
  • Can the screen be mounted in portrait?
  • Can it be powered off and on remotely?
  • Will it be enclosed in a frame or have good ventilation?
  • Does it need to go outside?

We are happy to advise on the right solution for your space and needs

Some kinds words.....

Hero Reception

“AVXI worked with us on a complete new audio visual design for our landmark site in Manchester.

They were simply fantastic to work with from beginning to end. The screens in our reception instantly grab attention and our staff can easily update them for VIP arrivals and new menu options.

I can’t recommend AVXI highly enough.”

Stephen Waterman - COO - Hero