Meeting Room Solutions

Meeting Room Solutions

The typical meeting room has evolved rapidly over time. The need to easily collaborate with employees, contractors and clients from multiple remote locations has never been more important due to the way the world has changed recently.

Our meeting room solutions allows users to communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently. Users can share content wirelessly from their own devices, no matter what they may be. We provide solutions from a single user focus space, to huddle rooms to very large boardrooms.

Our audio designs, using advanced microphone systems and echo cancellation, ensure voices are picked up in any size or shape of room.

Reduced Contact Meeting Rooms


To reduce physical contact wherever possible, AVXI has re-engineered several of our solutions to allow touch free automation.

Room equipment switches on and sets itself up upon entering the room. Content is automatically shared when a user shares their own device. Wireless content sharing means no fiddling with cables and no connecting to table or floor boxes.

Ceiling mounted array microphones pick up all the voices in the room without needing to be physically adjusted and moved around.

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Microsoft Teams and Zoom Solutions

Microsoft Teams and Zoom room solutions have become increasingly popular since remote working has become the new normal. When meeting rooms are to be used, it's vital your systems are compatible and offer a simple way to connect and work.

AVXI design systems around Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified products, from small individual spaces to huddle rooms to large boardrooms. Our designers build a solution to fit your space.

All requirements are different

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For true virtual presence, there's nothing like a virtual meeting room from AVXI.

The design of the room and technology allow physical participants to turn and speak directly to remote participants as if they were actually in the room. Likewise, when a remote participant speaks, it comes from they're virtual seated position, giving a clear indication of who is speaking at any one time.

By being able to see all the physical participants, all the media presented in room and be fully aware when someone is speaking to you, remote participants feel far more connected and engaged and willing to participate.

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