Video Walls

Video Walls

Large displays, when combined to make a video wall, provide a stunning viewing experience. These displays have the ability to create impact in any environment whether it be an office reception, a sports hall, a conference room, auditorium or retail space

4K Video Walls and Beyond

4K video is still only just starting to have it's true potential realised, particularly on super large displays that are possible with modern video wall technology.

A properly designed and configured video wall can take full advantage of the highest resolutions available to create a unique viewing experience. We're now also starting to see further evolution to 8K video content. The more resolution available for these huge video walls, the more consistent and clear the picture will be. AVXI work with some of the most advanced image processing equipment available to drive extra large, ultra-thin bezel displays to their maximum potential.

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Case Study: Hero Training Club - Manchester

Hero Training Club in Manchester is the first health and wellbeing club of it's kind. Offering tailored group classes, well-being and personal training.

AVXI worked with Hero over the course of a year to deliver a spectacle AV system throughout the club, that not only gave the ultimate experience to club members sonically and visually, but was also extremely easy to use by the team.

A large scale video wall system was installed to their calming reception space, providing not only a warm welcome but a tranquil space to chill and wind-down after an intense workout.

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