Streaming Solutions

Streaming Solutions

Now more than ever, businesses are realising the benefits of being able to broadcast meetings and events to a wider audience.

The power and far reach of an ever improving internet allows for participants all over the world to watch or take part in events held in single or multiple locations. Costs for businesses such as travel, overnight expenses and reduced productivity during commuting are dramatically reduced.

AVXI design and implement streaming solutions that range from single boardrooms with a simple to use tabletop unit, to meeting halls with multiple cameras and microphone systems.

Case Study

AVXI carried out a full overhaul on Maidstone Borough Councils Town Hall streaming system. Upgrading the service to provide an easy to use solution for sharing council meetings with the general public via the most widely known streaming platform in the world, Youtube.

Not only did this simple to use solution save on expensive annual license costs, but it dramatically improved picture quality and increased the average audience reach 10 times over.