Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality

AV is a key element in the guest experience. Guests expect and demand more when staying away from home. The technology they have access to within their own home forms a basis of what they expect when choosing where they stay. AVXI provide the hotel sector a portfolio of technology services that meet those expectations and surpass them.

Hotels also have a number of environments and spaces to consider, from the guest rooms to gyms, from meeting rooms to restaurants. All of these benefit from a well thought out and well executed audio visual strategy.

Delivering Comfort and Control

User experience is fundamental when designing an audio visual solution. In room systems should be simple to use and provide everything required without any assistance from hotel staff.

AVXI provide in-room solutions such as IPTV, Custom Hotel TV portals, Video on Demand, Bring your own device solutions, background music systems, and room control such as blind automation and heating control from all in one elegant interfaces.


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Return on Investment

In-room technology allow guests to control their environment, providing a more welcoming experience and inspiring return visits, but they are also capable of generating revenue from external supplier advertising on display and video on demand services.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are a great way to maximise revenue in a hotel. These rooms should be functional and easy to use. Technology we provide does just that.

Solutions such as bring your own device video sharing, video conference systems, room booking solutions and networked display systems all allow various ways to maximise customer experience and generate revenue at the same time.

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Case Study: Pavilions Hotel - Madrid

Pavilions Gym

The Pavilions Hotel, by Plaza de Colón and Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid offers an extra level of luxury when visiting the city.

AVXI were asked to design a multi-zone audio system for the on-site electricians to install with ease. This involved creating a simple plug and play system from complex components.

A full audio rack containing BSS digital sound processors, networked digital control panels and Crown amplification were all pre-built, programmed and configured and sent to site ready to simply connect to the cables we had instructed to be installed to the JBL sound systems in each area. The installation went without a hitch, following specific installation instructions provided for each component to CAD designs created by AVXI

A commissioning visit was carried out on completion to fine tune the system and hand over. Job complete!

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