Never before has store experience been so instrumental in forming lasting relationships with consumers. With more and more people shopping online, the physical bricks and mortar store is still the best way to connect with a consumer and inspire brand loyalty.

AVXI's custom designed audio visual solutions create unique and memorable customer experiences, connect the dots on the customer journey and improve the effectiveness of staff and stock levels in store at the same time.

Our team have worked with some of the largest retail brands in the world, forming their audio visual strategy and deploying profit-driving, low maintenance solutions worldwide.

Increase Revenue

AVXI offer a suite of products targeted at driving revenue within store. Digital signage, large format displays, touch screen information systems, transparent displays, background music and messaging systems and lighting control are all used to create multiple information points and memorable shopping experiences for your customer

Digital signage, displayed on large format displays, LED video walls or even projection, can be specifically targeted to the consumers in your store. Using intelligent processing and GDPR compliant camera systems, the signage content can dynamically show content that is more targeted for the viewer. In a recent study by Arbitron, 19% of consumers have admitted to making impulse purchases based on digital advertising in store and 71% believed that the advertising stood out more than online adverts.

Looking for Digital Signage?

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It's not just us...


Digital screens have proven to be over 100 times more effective at engagement than static posters


In a recent Neilsen study, digital displays were found to drive an increase of sales up by 30%


In an academy of business research study, 89% of small business owners would recommend digital displays to others

Keeping it simple

We love technology. Keeping it simple to use is at the front of our minds during design.

Staff should be able to operate the in-store systems with little to no training. We make systems intuitive so even if you have new staff in store, they instinctively know how to operate the audio and video without intervention or support calls.

Better yet, we also provide automated systems that are 'hands-free', requiring no intervention from staff at all. Music that automatically adjusts volume or style of music according to the stores busy times, lighting that changes with the time of day and video displays that change their content and brightness depending on the weather, time of day, or even who is looking at the display.

Looking for music for your store?

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