LED Displays – What to consider

LED Displays – What to consider

When considering LED displays, you’ll need to ask yourself several questions: how many screens will I need? How big should they be? What are we going to display on them? One question that is often overlooked, however, is the question of pixel pitch. This is what dictates the clarity of your display based on size and viewing distance.

How important is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch is the method of measuring how dense a collection of pixels in a typical LED display is and it is calculated by measuring the distance between the centre of one pixel and the centre of the next in millimetres. For reference, a pixel pitch on 2mm = P2 / 6mm = P6

You would obviously expect that the smaller the pixel pitch, the more focused and visible the image would be, but that is not always necessarily the case.

A smaller pixel pitch will result in a better resolution and it is up to your LED display suppliers to make sure you’re getting the right pitch for your needs.

Content is key for LED Displays

When selecting the best pitch, it is important to consider not only what the display is being used for but the size of the display and the required viewing distance.  If the viewing distance is going to be around 30 feet, for example, on an outside display on a building, then a P16 pitch should be perfectly reasonable. Of course, whilst P16 will be sufficient in this situation, it will always depend on the type of content being displayed. If it is moving content, for example, you can always go with a larger pitch as the eye will naturally ‘fill the image’.

Whilst a P1.6 would perhaps be a good investment for an indoor display where you really want the clearest and most striking image, it would be wasted money on a digital outdoor billboard. We would only end up using pitches of this size for situations like displays in receptions where smaller and more detailed text needs to be read and understood.

Ultimately, all you need to know is, what you want to show and what is possible because everything else we can help you with!

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